Glass Iris Studios wants to invest time into you and your talents By offering you a home in our studio we can guarantee constant paying work as well as the opportunity to grow. When you sign with Glass Iris Studios you become a member of a production team that constantly churns out content from web shorts to commercials for small businesses. All guaranteed paying gigs. Our studio also encourages our team to reach out to the local community and work with whomever they please.

Along with constant work, our studio also offers classes and training days to help strengthen and expand on your current talents.

Expand your knowledge and income potential by learning production jobs. These jobs will keep you working even if you find acting is not your calling. Maybe you are a creator who needs a little help getting their project started. Whatever you need Glass Iris Studio can help you achieve it.

As a Glass Iris Talent, you will receive these perks

  • Free quarterly updated headshots

  • Monthly Reel Update

  • No representation fees when working on a Glass Iris Production

  • Minimum of $125 per Glass Iris Skit (Guaranteed 3 skits a month)

  • Only 5% representation fee if working outside the studio

  • Discounted studio time (sound booth/photo/video studio)

  • Discounted Advanced acting classes

  • Set your own travel distance

  • Set your comfort zone when choosing roles

Most importantly you are free to back out at any time with no penalties Meaning, when you get discovered and the big guys come knocking, we will hold the door open and wish you luck!

Because here at Glass Iris Studios it's not about the money, it’s about the art.

Come into our studio and discuss more on how we can help you achieve your potential!

Two dedicated agents



I am Lauren Scoville, patron, performer, and producer of Art and video production. There was a time when I thought retail sales and corporate life was the path I would take, but I always came back to creating Art.

I majored in both Music and Drama at Highline Community College, as well as BYU, where I took many Art, Music, and Theater classes to hone my style and craft.

Over the years I’ve starred and co-starred in numerous plays and short films--plus an extra in 2 feature films—but I have also diligently learned behind the scenes skills of both. From writing, script supervision to running live audio and even prop-making, I’ve done just about everything. 

Opening and running a video production studio was just the next logical step. 

matt johnson

Matt has studied business management and financial negotiations at Highline

Community College while performing in the drama department. He has starred in “Live from the Last Night of your Life”. As well as performing in supporting roles in a handful of other productions.

After College Matt continued his Acting and producing jobs on several video and stage productions. In 2016 he founded Glass Iris Studios (productions) with Lauren Scoville. Together they have produced videos for political front runners, restaurants and self-produced shorts.

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